Maya Corman

Psycho-oncology and health psychology (in collaboration with Pr. Régis Peffault De Latour and Pr. Jacques-Olivier Bay)

PhD topic: Psychological factors implied in bone marrow transplantation and therapeutic preventive intervention

Since september 2016

Magali Chaulet

Cognitive psychology (in collaboration with Pr. Sylvie Droit-Volet)

PhD topic: The effect of mindfulness based meditation on time perception

Since september 2017

Catherine Juneau

Health and general psychology (in collaboration with Dr. Rebecca Shankland)

PhD topic: Equanimity, mindfulness based meditation and health issues

Since september 2017

Charlène Morin

Cognitive psychology (in collaboration with Pr. Eric Raufaste)

PhD topic: Affective-motivational approach to harmony: physiological experiences and correlates

Since september 2019



Since september 2019

My research focuses on fostering well-being as well as understanding cognitive functions, such as mind-wandering experiences, memory, metacognition, attention, and problem solving (i.e. creativity). In parallel, I am also interested in the influence of ageing and our social environment on the these essential endeavours. My work puts particular emphasis on the importance and usefulness of convergent methods, including neuroimaging and experimental work.

Recent publications:

Martinon, L. M., Smallwood, J., McGann, D., Hamilton, C., & Riby, L. M. (2019). The disentanglement of the neural and experiential complexity of self-generated thoughts: A users guide to combining experience sampling with neuroimaging data. NeuroImage, 192, 15-25.

Martinon, L. M., Riby, L. M., Poerio, G., Wang, H. T., Jefferies, E., & Smallwood, J. (2019). Patterns of on-task thought in older age are associated with changes in functional connectivity between temporal and prefrontal regions. Brain and cognition,132, 118-128.

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