Selflessness and oneness have received little attention in scientific research. However, this approach seems to offer valuable perspectives for the improvement of mental health as well as for the understanding of the profound nature of psychological phenomena.

Research topics

A short description of my current main research topics.

Scientific publications

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The current PhD students whose I supervise the PhD thesis and Post-docs.

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Recent publications

Oneness and Meditation

A recent paper published in Mindfulness revealing that meditation causes the feeling of oneness/unity that enhances happiness and inner peace..

Self and Happiness

A recent paper published in PeerJ providing an empirical support for the Self-centeredness/Selflessness Happiness Model (SSHM; Dambrun & Ricard, 2011)

Mindfulness based meditation and time

A recent paper published in Mindfulness in collaboration with Sylvie Droit-Volet and Magali Chaulet.

Near Death Experience

A literature synthesis in the french revue "Année psychologique" realized with several french researchers during a collaborative workshop.

Research meeting in psychology guided by mental training

These events have the originality of adopting mental training of the mind, also called mindfulness based mental training, as a guide during a two or three-day research residence meeting. Currently, these meetings take place in France and in French.

About Michaël Dambrun

I am currently a professor at University Clermont Auvergne (UCA) and a member of the Laboratory of Social and Cognitive Psychology (LAPSCO - UMR CNRS 6024) in the "stress and well-being" team. I teach mainly psychology of well-being, social psychology, intercultural psychology, social work and applied statistics to the Psychology Department at the UCA.

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